This is a story of a baby Ragdoll born
blind and his wonderful accomplishments
Dear Ms. Cone,                                                                                                                                                        11/5/09
I adopted a kitten from you summer of 2001. (A beautiful female whos mother was Nikki and father was Richard) Pixie was the first
cat I had ever had. I convinced my parents to allow me to adopt a cat from you when I was 16 and now at age 25 Pixie is still with me
and is one of the greatest parts of my life. I have moved a lot since then and she has always come with me. She's been a great sport
with all the other animals and pets I have had and at one point was convinced she was a dog. (She still sits at the door and tries to
growl when she hears people coming up the stairs but offers nothing but love when they come in). I just wanted to say thank you
and to let you know one of your amazing kittens has truely touched my life. Next time I adopt a cat you will be first in my mind as
breeder to go to.
Thank you,
Amy L Prusinski
November 18, 2009
After buying our ragdoll kitten from Ms. Scottie Cone, I felt compelled to write a testimonial on her behalf.  She is truly a
caring, compassionate and trust-worthy breeder and businesswoman.
We had reservations about purchasing an animal through a breeder in general, but she made the experience very positive
before and after the purchase.  I would highly recommend her to anyone considering this breed of cat.  Our kitten, Ruby,
quickly became a valued member of our family.
Robert E. Hunter, M.D.
Raleigh, NC
Scottie ~                                                                                                                                                                                            11/20/09
Foster is our 3rd Ragdoll that we’ve adopted from you in the last 17 years.
We can’t begin to tell you how much we’re enjoying his company. We call
him our “puppy cat” because he follows us around all the time and is a
friend to everyone he meets. Second to his 72” climbing tree he loves to
spend his mornings napping next to the computer keyboard. We can’t
imagine life without a Ragdoll.  
Thank you again for sharing your kittens with us.

Jacky and Joe Letourneau
Raleigh                                                               see email above!
Dear Scotty,                                                                                                                                                                                  12/09/2009    
I was looking at Ragdoll webpages and decided to contact you. My wife and I bought a Ragdoll kitten from you in 1991. We named him Sammy Sosa after my love of
baseball. Sam has been one of the greatest joys in our life. He is a big, lovable and playful furrball. He greets us at the door when we come home from work and
won't eat unless we are there with him. I just want to say "thanks" to you for providing people like us with such beautiful and loyal buddies.
Jon & Roseann Ostrander
Conover, NC
Dear Scottie,                                                                                                                                                                         12/22/2009
Just wanted you to know that Ragz is doing great.   We are so thankful for this wonderful addition to our family.  He has actually started to use the toilet this past
weekend…just a few more steps and he will be fully toilet trained.  He is so smart.  Everyone who sees him thinks that he is the most beautiful cat they have ever
seen.  I have family who visit and the 1st one they want to see is Ragz.I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave us when he first came home.  It says a lot
that you were there for us after the sale of Ragz.  It was great to know you were just an e-mail or phone call away.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Steve, Marcy, Joshua and Jacob Black
Fayetteville, NC
Hi Scottie and Merry Christmas!                                                                                                                                                           12/19/2010
I just realized that an article I wrote about a year ago was published at cats. About.Com.  Since Blue is one of your babies, I thought you might
enjoy reading it.
Clyde and I are forever grateful that you entrusted Blue Boy to us.  He is a joy in every way.  I never though I would fall so totally for a cat after
having been a dedicated dog person all my life.  
Hope you are doing well and still enjoying your cats and the joy you bring to your adopters.
Best Wishes,
Mary Daly
Hi Scottie                                                                                                                                                                                        12/22/10
I got 3 little tins of the Royal Canin Baby Cat food yesterday, along with the dry food same brand for Baby Cats that you
recommended on the phone. When I got him home, I gave him fresh filtered water and a little of the can food, as well as the dry
food – and he ate quite a lot! His little tummy was so full. He then used his litter tray, and played with some of his new toys in-
between exploring my apartment, and then he went to sleep on my chest where he remained the whole night. He is very loving and
affectionate – I am already so in love with the little cuty!
Liesl Braun
Scottie,                                                                                                                                                                                12/31/10
You weren't kidding about how sweet this little boy is! He's positively a living doll. Within 10 minutes of arriving home, he ate his
food, drank his water, and pooped in the litter box. Then he played with his toys, climbed the climbing post, and curled up in his
little bed for a nap. He woke up and did it all over again about an hour later. He slept curled around my neck last night. He's an
angel. We adore him. Thank you so much!
Leo seems to be doing better than expected. He actually sat within a foot or two of the little man for about 30 minutes. Leo has
growled a lot, but hasn't taken any swats (perhaps because I keep picking the little one up before he gets too close). The little guy
isn't scared of Leo at all, which is pretty funny :-). We still haven't decided on a name for him - we will decide by the end of today.
Will keep you posted...a couple pics are attached :-).
Hope you have a good New Year's! Thanks again for everything!
Hugs, Erin
Below is the picture you have on your website of Riley caught red handed on the day I came to pick him up from you.  Attached is a picture of him
all grown up, along with Miss Grace that I got from you in 2007.  Both of them are the most delightful cats and I can not imagine my life without
them.  Riley is a total trip.  He is the most loving little fellow and he keeps everyone in stitches all the time.  He is so mischievous and has tons of
personality.  Thank you again for recommending this little fellow to me.
Miss Grace is the queen of the house and a loving little girl.  She is my
very best friend and confident and never lets me out of her site.

Nancy G. Cooper
Major Account Manager II
Dear Scottie,
My husband Tom, my sons Tommy and Eric and I wanted to thank you so much entrusting us with this sweet seal bicolor ragdoll kitten we named
Genesis. Little Genesis immediately made herself at home.  She is very relaxed, playful, loving and affectionate.  She eats and drinks a lot and
uses her litter box like a pro.  She made friends with everyone the minute she got home.  She came and rubbed heer head on Tommy's cat, Mr.
Fluff N Stuff and they became instant buddies.  I also have a yellow labrador girl named Blaze who is always at my side like a shadow.  So now I
have two shadows everywhere I go.  They are so funny to watch interact.  Genesis likes to drink out of Blaze's bowl and even tries to eat with her.  I
have to stop her because dog food is not quite the nutrition she needs.  Genesis is sleeping on my lap as I am writing this to you and Blaze is
sleeping at my feet as always.  Thank you again.    Nicole    Indian Trail, NC
Here I am at 9 months old and weighing in at almost 13 lbs. Mom says I'm going to be a big boy.  
She wanted me to send you my picture because we're all moving to Florida next week.
I like to ride, so the trip down should be a breeze. I'll just lay back and snooze.

Mom, dad and I enjoy playing with each other, and I've learned to open drawers as long as they have
a knob or handle. I steal things out of the drawers and then hide them. It's really funny to see everyone
look for my hiding places.  I'm really partial to pens and pencils. I also make sure that mom is up by 6am
every morning. I begin with my inside voice and then escalate to an ear-piercing yell. That usually gets her
attention. I love my family and am looking forward to spending their retirement years with them in Florida.  
Please say Hi to all my cousins.

Foster Letourneau