Toby's last show of the season April 29/30, 2006 in Ansonia, CT had a very special moment. A judge from Austria saw
Toby for the first time.  When judging there are 12 cages behind the judge with the cats in them and he takes them out
one at a time and places them on the podium to judge them in front of the spectators. When he got to Toby he took him
out of his cage, walked towards the podium, looked at him and then held him in his arms and turned his back to the
spectators. You could see that he was talking to Toby and after quite some time he walked over and put Toby back in his
cage without ever placing him on the podium. He still had his back to the spectators and he just stared at Toby awhile and
then he took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. He then turned around and walked over to the podium. In a few seconds
his whole body started trembling and then he totally broke down in uncontrollable sobs. He just couldn't quit. He had
everyone crying. I jumped up to tell him that Toby is okay and is used to being shown. He just shook his head and was
shaking so hard he couldn't talk. Finally he could mumble "It's not the cat".   

When the judge finished the round of judging he did not bring Toby back for a winner's ribbon.   After the show, I took
Toby up to the judge and when he saw us he said "I can handle you now boy" and took him from my arms.  He then told me
that Toby was so relaxed in his arms and was purring even though this judge was a stranger. He was groomed beautifully
and was so contented and happy. It hit him that most handicapped cats are abused, homeless, unhappy, scared and
mistreated and yet here was Toby who had everything that any cat could wish for. The judge could tell that Toby was
loved and evidently had a life of luxury.  He said he was not crying for Toby but for all handicapped cats that did not
have what Toby had and he told me he did not bring him back for a winners ribbon as it was a defensive move.   
Otherwise, he would have been crying much longer.

This September 3/4 is the TICA International Awards Show in Hannover, Germany and Michael and I are going and
taking Toby with us. Toby will fly with us in the cabin of the plane and not in cargo.   We never put him in cargo.  The
judge from Austria who cried over him in Ansonia will be there as one of the judges.  Michael and I will visit some in
Switzerland and Toby will be spending the week with his brother Walking on Sunshine who is the World Winner pictured
on my
Stars page.  Yes, they are full brothers from the same litter. All 5 cats in that litter turned out to be show cats.
Toby certainly did not want to be left out!  He beat them all with his International wins.  His other brothers, Stormy and
Tobias both became TICA Supremems.  His one sister was a show cat too.

FALL 2006     
Well, you would think that I could do a better job on keeping Toby's life history up to date.  I do apologize for being so
lax.  The show season is from May 1st to April 30th each year.  That show I just talked about in Ansonia, CT was the last
for that season May 2005-April 2006.  Toby came out 3rd Best Internationally and we did take him to Hanover,
Germany for his awards.  We knew it would be a hard long trip for him but we forgot that he was a PRO at traveling.  We
had a small collapsible litter box with a small bag of litter.  Take Toby to the bathroom, lay out his tiny and I do mean
tiny litter box and he made it just fine.  Hit the box perfectly even though he could only fit his back half in it.  He never
cried on the trip or fussed in any way.  We got to Berlin after being gone from home for 14 hours and we get on the
train.  In Germany, animals are treated almost like humans and they are pretty much welcomed everywhere.  On the train
dogs were sitting on the seats so we took Toby out and just placed him on the table in front of us as we were traveling
first class on the train.  The conductor came by, took our tickets, petted Toby and just kept on going.  Toby was
amazing.  The train rocked, screeched at times and other trains going the other direction flew passed our window actually
scaring me to death.  Toby acted as if he had traveled by train all his life.  Nothing bothered him and I guess he could
hear the other trains approaching which helped him not be afraid.  Finally we made it to Hanover and we all had a good
nights rest.

The Annual Awards show was really nice and it was so great to see so many other breeders from abroad.  That Friday
night we were at a check in reception and had Toby with us.  All of a sudden someone screamed THATS HIM - HE'S
HERE!   I looked around wondering who was here, expecting some celebrity and they were pointing to Toby.  So many
started hollaring Toby, Toby,Toby and came running over to pet him and see him.  It actually frightened him but it was so
wonderful to know so many people knew who Toby was.   The actual show was a good one and Toby did very well.  When it
was time to see the Judge from Austria who had cried over Toby in Ansonia, we quietly slipped Toby into the cage behind
the judge.  When it was Toby's turn he went and got him out, looked at him and just hugged and hugged him.  Then he took
him to the podium and started talking in German.  He just talked and talked and petted Toby and then we heard the words
Special and he gave Toby a big kiss.  Toby also got Best Cat and the winners ribbon.  Curt later told us he had often
thought of Toby and was so glad to see him again.

After the end of the show we went on to Switzerland to sightsee and left Toby with a friend and his brother "Walking on
Sunshine".  When we got there it only took 20 minutes and Toby was at the very top of their cat's cat tree.  Nadja was
shocked but we told her he gets around just fine and that he does love to climb.  He gets down fine too.  She thought he
would probably have to spend the week in the bathroom so that he could find his food, water and litter box.  We just
laughed as he finds those things by smelling where they are.  Water is  just always next to the food.  One thing that was
so amazing is that Nadja's cats immediately accepted Toby.  They never hissed or fussed and it was almost as though they
understood his handicap.  They did act a little curious at first.

2007 - 2008
Before the Annual Awards show in Germany, Toby had been very busy showing tor this next season and he was doing very
well again.  Things pretty much have been the same, weekend after weekend we are off to the show halls.  No pschics and
no crying judges.  Its just that Toby is getting bigger and a little more settled in his ways.  He is not as curious with life.  
Show season ending April 30, 2007,Toby was again an International Winner.  This time he was 9th Best Internationally
and the Annual Awards are in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Toby again did very well at this Annual Show.

In getting ready for the 2007-2008 season Toby has been going to a lot of shows again and may again for the third time
be an International Winner.  He has been Best Internationally in the standings ever since the first of May and has just
now,  October 2007,  had to drop down to second.  He is not showing as much and will continue to be passed by others.  
We hope though he will again be in the top 10.

Again the time has flown by and Toby continued to do well in the show rings.  At the end of the season, April 30, 2008
Toby was 3rd Best in the Southeast Region and 10th Best Internationally.  He has pretty much retired from showing now
and only attended the Regional Awards show this past month in Orlando, Fl. He will not be attending the International
Awards show.

This was a highlight for us all.  You must see the vacation pictures on this website.  I think this was the most fun that
Toby has had in his life.  He will be going back to Marco Island, Florida again July 2008.  Click the link below for
Toby's Vacation 07.

As mentioned above, Toby did go to Marco Island again this summer and you can see pictures of him on the next page.

Toby has continued to amaze us with his knowledge and intelligence.  We do not in any way cater to him.  He is treated
just like a cat that can see.  When he goes somewhere different, we just open the carrier door and let him out.  He finds
his way around and seems to like new places.  He is so busy checking everything out and does not act scared at all.  He
wanders upstairs and then soon you find him coming back down the stairs.  He does not leave anything unchecked.

He seems to remember things almost like an elephant. He maynot go somewhere for months but when he goes back, it's as
if he was just there the day before..  He seems to remember people's voices.  He will be 4 years old this November 4,
2008 and so he has slowed down some.  He gets more tired at the shows by the end of the day on Sunday. The picture
below shows him after 23 rings of judging in 2 days and of course the grooming for each ring.  He was so totally sacked
out and it was hard to wake him.

It is so hard to believe that time can pass so quickly.  Toby is still doing wonderful but is staying home a lot more.  I did
take him back to Marco Island, Fl this past May and again he went swimming in the pool and wandered into the Inlet but
instead of swimming he just sat in the water for about 20 minutes and listened to the sea gulls.  He has now learned to go
to the edge of the pool and lean over and put his foot in and splash the water.  He also will lean over and get a few licks in.

He did go to a show this past July and I do think he still enjoys getting out.  We also took him to Gatlinburg, TN with us
for five days in September.  We were at a wonderful resort and he would sit out in a chair, enjoying the fresh air, while
several of us played bridge.  I wish we could take him cruising with us as I know he would love it.  He likes to smell the
air constantly.  I get so tickled at him because if you barely lower the window in the car he jumps up and climbs across
your lap to stick his nose out the window just like a dog.  One other thing that amazes me is when we come home from a
show.  He can be sound asleep in the car but when we get about a block away from the house he wakes up and climbs into
the front seat and gets excited.  It is so amazing how his other senses work.

Where oh where does the time go??  Toby did some showing again in 2011/2012 and was a Regional Winner again.  The
judges were glad to see him again and some commented that Toby was glad to be back.  They said they could tell because
he was so relaxed and content when they handled him and Miuchael and I could tell because he stayed out on the grooming
table so much so that people could pet and talk to him.  When he gets tired of that he will go into his show cage.