Toby on Vacation
When Michael and I went to my Stepmother's house in Marco Island, Florida
July 2007 we tried Toby in the raft and he seemed to love being glided around
the pool.  Then he would sit on the top step in the water.  He loves to take a
bath, so I carried him into the pool.  No problem at all and he acted like he
enjoyed it.   He then leaned over into the water and calmly swam around.  He
was not splashing or frightened in any way. When I guided him to the steps he
would turn around and want to do it again.  This boy is truly a wonder and we
are so blessed to have him in our lives.

This is a story of a baby Ragdoll born
blind and his wonderful accomplishments
While on vacation in Florida, Toby discovered that HE LOVES A FAN!!  We went into a bedroom
with a fan running at the end of the bed.  As you can see below, he made sure every part of his body
got a good blow.  He was so cute and funny twisting and turning every which way, I had to run get a
camera.  He still loves a fan and we got him a battery operated one for his show cage.
Thank you for reading Toby's story and I sincerely hope it has helped everyone to know that a
handicapped animal or human can really enjoy life and they have so much to give to the rest of us.

Thank you Toby for giving your human Mom and Dad so many wonderful years and we are looking
forward to so many more.  You are truly amazing.

We love you so much!