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The Ragdoll cat has a gentle disposition and the ability to relax its body like a child’s Ragdoll, hence the name
Ragdoll. This gentle cat is very docile, yet it is also a very active cat that absolutely loves to play.  It easily learns
to fetch & loves the “wand” like toys that require you to play with the cat. To relax, they love to stretch out on
their backs, legs spread wide apart and take a little nap. If you like a little shadow following you all around the
house, then a Ragdoll is certainly the cat for you. Ragdolls generally love being with people and get along very well
with other animals and children, providing they are not overly aggressive toward the Ragdoll.

The traditional Ragdoll is a pointed cat with blue eyes.  They are born white, getting their point colors gradually in
the beginning  weeks and then obtaining full color at about two years of age.  Full maturity of size takes 3-4 years.  
Ragdolls are a medium sized domestic cat with males usually weighing 14-18 pounds and the females 8-14 pounds.  
Traditional Ragdolls are available in the following colors and patterns.

Seal point:   Dark brown to black points, light to medium brown body color.

Bluepoint:  Medium to dark blue-gray points, light to medium blue-gray body color.

Red/Creampoint:  Reddish tone to the points, very light body coat.

Tortie point: Tortie’s have a mottled appearance in the point markings and throughout the body.

Torbiepoint:   Same as the Tortie but a lynx pattern.

Colorpoint:  Has no white on the body and the feet are the same color as the  rest of the points. The body color is
a lighter version of the point color.

Mitted:  Same as colorpoint except the feet are white and the cat should have  a white chin.  Some mitteds may
have a white blaze between the eyes or on the nose.

Bicolor: Has a white upside down “V” ( /\ ) on the face and the chest, stomach, back legs and front legs are white.
The width of the V can vary.

Lynxpoint:  It is actually an additional pattern of stripes appearing over the normal patterns as listed above.  In
addition to  stripes it has white eyeliner around the eyes, the whisker pads are mostly white, the nose leather is
pinkish to red brick color and there is no point color in the ear.  Many people refer to this as the Tabby pattern.

All kittens are examined by my veterinarian before leaving for their new homes.   Kittens are sold with a 2 year
from birth genetic health guarantee.  Should your kitten become ill or develop any congenital, catastrophic or
genetic defects, it must be verified in writing by a licensed veterinarian and if the kitten should die an autopsy
from an accredited laboratory or pathologist must be furnished.   Then the kitten will be replaced with a healthy
kitten of same quality or better as soon as possible.  Even though my vet examines all my kittens prior to their
leaving, the new buyer should take the kitten to their own veterinarian within the first 3 days of sale if they are in
anyway concerned about the kitten’s health.   Within this time frame you have a money back guarantee should your
veterinarian put in writing, saying that you do not have a healthy kitten.   Please keep in mind that kittens may come
down with a minor upper respiratory due to the stress of moving.   Sneezing the first few days usually happens due
to different odors, dust, and the change in environment. 

Rags2Riches Ragdoll Cattery  is a member of the RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International).  All kittens are
registrable with TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).   Pet buyers will
receive a registration with one of the above registries.

Kittens are priced individually, depending on whether he/she is sold as a pet, show or breeder.  Ragdolls are a
medium priced cat.   They are not a cheap cat by any means but they are not the most expensive.  If a kitten is not
registered as a Ragdoll, I seriously doubt that you would be purchasing a PURE Ragdoll.  Always make sure you can
receive registration papers from the breeder. It never hurts to check out the breeder, ask for references or ask
them who their veterinarian is.  One way to check out a breeder is to check with fellow breeders in that state.  
STANDARD.  These cats are not allowed to be registered in other organizations except TICA.  They are not
allowed to be shown in the shows.

I would also like to say that you should never purchase a Ragdoll from a pet store.   A breeder who would allow
their kittens to be sold in that manner can not possibly care about their kittens.  Most pet stores buy from puppy
and kitty mills and I am sure you have heard the horror stories on TV about those mills.

A $200 deposit is required to hold a kitten for you.   For a breeder, the deposit is $500.  Many people want to
know if I will contact them when my kittens are born.  I am sorry to say that  I can not keep a list like that. A
deposit lets me know that someone is really serious about purchasing a kitten.   I do not cash deposit checks until
after the kittens are born and we have decided on a particular kitten for you.  If you put down a deposit and then
I do not have the kitten you want or if you have picked out a particular kitten and it does not develop to your liking
prior to being 8 weeks of age then I will refund your money.  Please beware of Non-refundable deposits.

Call me if you have any problem, either behavorial or illness.  After 52 years of breeding I may be able to help.

Cats are coming down with Diabetes at an alarming rate.     Please do not feed your adult cats dry food with corn as
the corn turns to sugar and this can be a major factor in causing Diabetes.  Also obesity is a major factor.   Please
stay away from by-products and do not feed brands from grocery stores or cheap foods.  You will only harm your
pet.  Colored foods such as Meow Mix are just dyed and puffed up with air. ALWAYS GIVE FRESH COOL WATER
DAILY OR EVEN TWICE A DAY.  MALE CATS NEED LOTS OF WATER.  The urinary track in the male can block
so having them drink water a lot is important.  Give the males can food along with the dry.  You can add some water
to the can food or soak some dry food in warm water.    Using clumping litter can tell you when your male cat is
starting to block.    The urine ball will start becoming smaller and smaller.  If this happens, get him into the vet
immediately.  Have the vet check for crystals, not just give him an antibiotic and send you on your way.    If a male
starts to have crystals then there are foods that can help correct this.  Talk to your vet as to which food is best.

Once your cat is 6 years old do a Senior Panel Blood Test EVERY YEAR.  Your vet may say it is not necessary but I
am telling you that it is.  Thousands of cats die every year at 10-13 years of age due to Renal Disease (Kidney
Failure).  Once you notice your cat is sick and you take them to the vet the kidney is 75% gone and you are facing a
short time left or a couple of years with  having to give fluids once, twice or three times a week.  A simple blood
test every year will spot this kidney problem very early and you can then get them on the right kidney food.  The
blood test will also spot liver problems or many other problems that are beginning.  Be smart and be preventive.

Keep your cat happy and active.  A playmate is always the greatest.  Either another Ragdoll buddy or another
kitten or dog.  A stand by the window with an active bird feeder out of the window is fun.  A laser pointer is really
the greatest and schedule a playtime each evening with your kitty. Talk to your kitten and learn his body language
so that you know what he/she is telling you.